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From: Imola
Subject: Feeling BetterCopyright 2005. All rights reserved.
This story is fictional based on fictional characters. Any similarity
to any person living or dead is coincidence.
This is my first story. I have never written anything like this before.
This story details the relationship of a teenage boy and a preteen boy.
If this is legal for you to read and is the sort of stuff you enjoy
reading then read and enjoy. If this is not legal for you to read or
is not the sort of stuff that you enjoy then do not read.
-Feeling Better-The rush of sounds and lights came back all too quick.. The TV was
still on. The LED digits of the clock proclaimed "12:14.""James, I can't sleep"
The voice of the boy had startled me. Standing behind be, the 11 year
old must have crept up while I dozed off."What's wrong buddy?""My tummy hurts a little."I scooped the child into my arms. ls lolita free video Small for his age, his stature was
perfect. Not a skinny twig but by no means obese, the layer of baby
fat enveloping his bubble butt, chest and hips brought a smile to my
face every time I laid eyes on him.
We both giggled for a moment as I carried him back to his bed."do you want me to get you some medicine...tums, Rolaids? What does
your mom usually do?""Well, usually she will just lay with me, until it passes or I fall asleep"
Didn't sound like trouble to me."I can do that" I replied with a smile.
The two of us laid back as one, me burying him into his pillow as I
continued to hold him in my arms. I gently rubbed his back, and
gradually his breathing slowed. I leaned foreword, hovering over the
child's face as the last of his stomach pains left him. The scent of
his breath was heavenly, its warmth tingling the pores of my face. I
dug my nose into his side, half wrestling half playing, fully enjoying
the aroma of an active boy's pajama clad body."Feeling any better?" I questioned"A bit..."
My hands never stopped caressing his back. I longed to explore what
lay under his red striped boxers. My hands elliptical path was
growing larger by the moment, tapering to an end where the waistband
of his boxers began. He rolled towards me a bit, as if giving me
silent permission to move on.
I was scared. I wanted this boy so badly, however I didn't dare risk
making a bad move. I treasured our friendship, didn't want to ruin
anything, make anything odd, or heaven forbid (I was 18 now) get into
any trouble.
Was his silence acceptance? I stopped momentarily, but was instantly
urged to continue with a silent moan."That feels good"By this time my head is raging. It's taking everything I have to keep
my cock down in my pants, as his legs press firmly against it.
I continue to massage his back, gently creeping my hand into his
boxers with each rotation. Without so much as a warning, the boy
rolls over, leaving my hand on the soft skin, just below his navel.
God I wish this was easier. Why can't he be hard so I have some sort
of clue as to proceed or not?As if guided by instinct, my hand ebbs ever lower. halting just above
the waistline. I pause for any disapproval. My fingers slowly
stretch out the elastic and slide underneath, absorbing the softness
of every square inch of boy skin. Seconds later my fingers brush past
his tiny cock. With him lying on his back it could have been no more
than two inches soft, with his tiny lolita dark collection tgp sack tucked neatly underneath.A smile crept over his face, and instantly he became hard, his member
now standing a proud 3 inches above his stomach. My hand slowly
wrapped around its base, teasing him with gentle touches as I kissed
his lolicon japanese girl photo
forehead. He closed his eyes in ecstasy. His tiny hips thrusting
his cock deeper into my hand, and I tightened my grip with approval. I
began a rhythmic up and down stroke with my right hand. My own cock
now extending to its full 7 inches, pressing hard against the front of
his closed legs. He parted them slightly, sliding my cock in between.
My left hand now rising to fondle his tiny nipples, supported by a
base of chubby baby fat. He let out a silent whimper, Mozart couldn't
The shuffle of footsteps overhead signaled the arrival of his mother
and father, as well as the end of our brief escapade. I slowly
removed my hand from his boxer shorts, giving his still hard cock one
last tweak. As I rose from his bed, I kissed him softly on the lips,
and received a warm smile in return.
"Goodnight buddy, I hope you feel better"
There was no replyI made my way upstairs to greet his parents. They paid me, and we
talked about mindless things for a few minutes, lolitas free sample videos college, summer plans."He was great by the way, had a minor stomach ache in the middle of
the night, but I think he's feeling ok now."I grinned, said goodbye, and walked out the door.Any questions, comments or suggestion, please email me.

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